160+ Fun Icebreaker Questions For Virtual Work Meetings, Team Building Activities, & Holiday Parties

160+ Fun Icebreaker Questions For Virtual Work Meetings, Team Building Activities, & Holiday Parties

Make sure they know they can behave however they want and say anything they want. People will get the most from this activity if it’s truly organic and open-ended. After the skit, set a timer for 10 minutes and pose your discussion questions with the group. In this icebreaker activity, the meeting host begins the story with an opening sentence on Empuls . They then tag one of the attendees and leave them with an incomplete sentence. The tagged attendee completes the sentence and tags another person to continue the story.

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  • ‘Two Truths and One Lie’ is a common icebreaker that allows people to share topics they wouldn’t otherwise share with coworkers.
  • To do this, first send out an open-ended employee survey asking your team what their preferred karaoke songs are.

Icebreakers are unique ways for students, coworkers, families, and friends to bond. Before we get into the icebreaker ideas, let us first understand the concept of virtual icebreakers and why remote teams need them.

Hangman is a great and easy way to start a meeting. You can play once or twice and make everyone feel less awkward and more comfortable in the meeting. icebreakers for virtual meetings When working remotely, despite virtual water coolers and other company events, sometimes we forget to make time to know our colleagues.

Miscellaneous Question

Gamestorming recommends kicking off meetings by having everyone make trading cards to represent their personalities. Ask the presenter to think of an office item or activity.

Tell everyone to come up with a new business idea using the three items that display once the page loads. I’m sure you’ve heard of Would You Rather, but we’re guessing it was in a pretty extreme sense. “Would you rather have no one to show up for your wedding or your funeral? Would You Rather can be a great, lighthearted get-to-know-you game. In each group, have one person choose a question from the list to ask their group.

We feel shy, anxious, and self-conscious when we meet new people for the first time in person. That’s why we’ve put together the go-to guide to fun icebreaker games that you need to start your virtual meetings off right. We’ve included icebreakers you can use with small groups of remote employees, ones for total strangers, and everything in between.

This exercise is perfect for large meetings with 20+ people. The meeting attendees must guess who the fact belongs to. Choose to present the voting results as a percentage of total answers in a bar, doughnut or pie chart format. Make sure to hide the results and limit participants to one choice only. As your team are rattling off their wild film ideas, you can fill in a multiple-choice slide with their film titles as the options.

What Is An Icebreaker?

Then they say a random word and another colleague starts saying their 5 things, and so on. Days before the meeting ask your coworkers to send you a picture of their home office.

  • The facilitator can share the responses while employees try to guess whose response it is.
  • If you are short on time and have a larger group, you could also do this using a poll.
  • If you want to know more about your team’s performance and feelings in the past few days, an original way of doing it is through this question.
  • This is why ice breakers for team meetings are so important.

Just use the /ice slash command in any chat and an icebreaker will appear. Slack itself is a very useful tool for employee communication. But the apps available within it are what make it a standout team-building software solution. One of the applications included in G Suite is Currents.

The Key To Unlocking True Employee Engagement

Take a few minutes at the top of your next team meeting to show off your home office or work from anywhere space to get the full picture of where your remote coworkers work from. We also have a list of holiday icebreaker questions for work and quick team building activities for conference calls. Platforms like Zoom saved many companies in the pandemic, allowing them to transition the bulk of office work online. It’s also a way to help employees of all different backgrounds feel included, important, and up-to-date.

Sit in a circle and go around, each person introduces themselves the shares 2 truths and a lie. Agatha asks Martin why he shot down an idea they’d discussed many times before during an all-hands meeting. After a few minutes, have everyone announce the name on the card they ended up with. People can even ask questions of the card’s owner if they want. This monthly event program has been a massive hit for our team. Our March event drew participation from over 87% of our entire company!

Hawaiian shirt day, PJ day, hat day… you get the idea. Zoom Background.Some company cultures like to have lots of fun to build employee engagement and motivation in a unique way. Zoom has many backgrounds built in that you can choose from, or you can download your own.

Bonus #3 The Personality Quiz Icebreaker

You wrote it in a layman way, so that everyone might appreciate it. Depending on its content, it’s an article worth applauding.

  • This quick ice breaker also works with hybrid events when you have online and in-person attendees.
  • The practice is self-explanatory, each participant expresses how they are feeling at the time – “Are you…”
  • To make it more interesting and help employees bond more, you could create a more challenging scavenger hunt and have employees team up to complete it.
  • Choose the right space from which to host your virtual meeting.

It’s also a very low-risk icebreaker because no one is being asked to share personal information about themselves. Virtual icebreakers are particularly useful for team meetings or training sessions where your participants don’t know each other well.

Virtual Awards Ceremony

This app helps keep your employees informed, engage in conversations with each other, and get real-time updates. Upgrading from a basic license also gives you the ability to stream to social media — making it easier for your team members who can’t attend to participate. But depending on the type of license you have, you may be missing out on a lot of useful team-building features.

icebreakers for virtual meetings

If you can encourage your employees to get their kids and pets involved, even better. Not all of us have the amazing guitar talent some were blessed with, but we all love to pretend. Hosting a virtual air guitar competition evens the playing field. Ask your employees about the absolute worst movie they’ve watched. Post these on your intranet and let your employees engage in a discussion about why they are so bad.

Bonus: Other Unique Ice Breakers For Zoom Meetings

A week or so later, follow up and ask them to create a headline for what you’ll be doing in 10 years. This virtual team-building activity in particular is also good for mission alignment and helps your employees think more innovatively. If you need an icebreaker that can also be a contest, look no further than an in-meeting game of virtual bingo. By doing bingo throughout your meeting, you can ensure your employees are paying attention and staying engaged. This will also help normalize the sometimes embarrassing things that happen and make employees feel more comfortable. With many employees working remotely for the foreseeable future, it’s more important than ever for us to foster that sense of community through team building.

icebreakers for virtual meetings

You’ll be amazed at how humorous some people become when they’re told not to smile. Water Cooler Trivia gives you and your team weekly trivia quizzes that spark conversation and competition. The trivia is super-customizable so you can choose the categories and difficulty that work for your team.

What’s Your Favorite Sporting Event?

This can be a great chance to show off an accomplishment or a special item. After I say “reveal” I like to “popcorn” around and ask random people about their item. After 2 or 3 I’ll open the breakouts if I’m using them.

We know who leads them, talks more, stays quieter, etc. And with time, it gets boring, and it’s harder for people to have fun because they already know how the meeting is going to work. So, a great way to energize meetings is by completely https://remotemode.net/ changing its structure. A great ice breaker for zoom meetings is simply asking each participant to share a fun fact about themselves. The thing with virtual meetings is that we lack visual clues and have a sense of connection with others.

Encourage your guests who work from home to give a 15-second home office tour, and share what their workspaces look like, chaos and all. Invite them to share a quick fact about the city, state or country they live in, too. Paying attention to Zoom calls is harder than paying attention in person. If your camera’s off, your guests could be online shopping in another tab, enjoying their morning coffee, or staring aimlessly into space. In face-to-face meetings, paying attention is hard to fake, but in a virtual meeting, you just can’t know who’s present and who’s not.

When considering which one to use, make sure to emphasize inclusivity of all personality types. Perhaps switching to more group-based activities if your team is comprised of introverts. Icebreakers give employees the opportunity to share their learning styles and how they interact with challenges in the workplace. ACTIVE LEARNING. Icebreakers don’t just have to center around learning about your team members. They can also be used to share new skills and effective work patterns. It’s like a virtual scavenger hunt, but with a twist — you’re looking for people who are like you in a specific way. When structuring your icebreakers, remember to avoid potentially sensitive subjects, like race, sex, religion and politics.

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