Read About Business Administration Degrees

Read About Business Administration Degrees

Salaries will vary depending on the field and occupation a business major pursues. Financial managers are among the most popular and highest-paid positions for business majors, earning $127,891 per year, on average. Also notable are sales managers, with annual reported earnings of $135,617. The average starting salary for someone with a bachelor’s degree in business is $52,040, and many people go on to graduate school to earn their MBA, which often provides a significant salary boost for alumni. Among the most lucrative entry-level positions for business majors is operations manager, with an entry-level salary of $77,915.

Make a short list of companies you’d like to work for and contact them directly. If your targeted company doesn’t, or if there isn’t a vacancy in your desired role, contact the human resources manager to introduce yourself and see if your skills match up with upcoming openings. And since there’s nothing quite like doing something in order to learn it, you might consider starting your own small business.

what can you do with a business degree

If you are asking, “What can you do with a business administration degree? A business administration degree provides a versatile skillset that will be valued in any industry or organization you choose. You’ll learn how to manage people, access resources, and process information — universal skills that you can apply in any business setting. You will also learn business law and ethics, human resource management, management, customer relations in a multicultural world, and targeted marketing and social media. Many business majors with an interest in the field will go on to graduate work in healthcare management. Financial analysts must have strong analytical and communication skills and be able to learn a lot about new things in a short amount of time.

According to PayScale, the average median income among retail managers was $46,000. Even though this is less than other management positions, this career option may not require the same investment in secondary education. It’s also important to note that experience is important in this line of work, and a business management degree may make a candidate a better applicant for future higher-level management jobs. Courses in business management and administration that you can find in an MBA program will help you learn the necessary leadership skills required to run a successful business. While the specific course selection will vary based on the university, MBA programs are also offered with specializations in related fields, such as finance, accounting, and marketing. If you’re thinking of starting your own business or you’re already a seasoned business owner, earning your degree can promote your individual and professional growth and help you earn more.

Why Pursue An Applied Business Degree At Davenport?

At Gwynedd Mercy University, we offer a Bachelor of Science in Management program as well as other specialized bachelor’s degrees in Sports Management. Regardless of the organization, management works to improve overall performance and productivity, identify and solve problems, implement change, and carry out the shared vision of the company. Management roles require self-motivation, stamina, and most importantly, an ability to thrive under minimal supervision. Management jobs can be found in almost any industry, including healthcare, technology, business, finance, and more. A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration generally requires 120 hours of study and is designed to help prepare students for careers in the for-profit, nonprofit, and public sectors.

  • A degree in business and engineering provides a cross-disciplinary skill-set that bridges the gap between these two areas that often have a difficult time communicating.
  • Renewable energy technology managers use their knowledge of energy technology and engineering to increase energy efficiency and sustainable design.
  • While there are many job opportunities available for workers with a bachelor’s degree in business, completing a master’s degree in businesscan help you earn top management positions.
  • The education requirement for a management analyst is a bachelor’s degree.

As the accountant for an organization, you will help your employer get ready for audits. A knack for numbers and affinity for spreadsheets can lead you to a successful career in accounting. Project managers are in charge of seeing a project through from beginning to end. They manage all moving parts, keep track of budgets, deadlines, and everyone working on a project. Graduates of this program are equipped to face the challenges businesses are facing. An Administrative Services Manager is typically in charge of the upkeep of a particular company.

What Type Of Skills Will You Gain From An Business And Engineering Degree?

This involves overseeing departments that distribute mail, maintain records of the company, and keep the facilities clean. This person is often called the Office Manager, and it’s the person you go to for any needed supplies. Supplies for printing, for recycling, for security, these are all managed under the umbrella of the administrative services manager. They examine financial records from all departments and organize them to demonstrate a company’s performance.

Financial analysts benefit from the coursework in accounting, finance, economics, and mathematics that is traditionally part of a business major. Accountants conduct audits and provide consulting and tax planning services. They often move on to leadership positions within the finance division of their organization or client organizations.

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