3commas Review 2022: Crypto Trading Bot Is it Safe? Pros & Cons

3commas Review 2022: Crypto Trading Bot Is it Safe? Pros & Cons

You can have an overview of all your exchanges and coins you own while also having an option of automatic rebalancing of your portfolio. You will allocate percentages to each coin you want to own and https://tradecrypto.com/reviews/trading-soft-reviews/3commas-bot-review/ will make the purchases and keep your portfolio in that balance by automatically selling/buying pairs when the given ratio is broken. This is a great option if you want to use someone else’s configuration which has provably been working good. Choose when bots start new orders with different start conditions. This is good option as opening new positions immediately after closing previous ones is not the best option all the time .

We provide our clients with the most innovative products and access to a wide range of markets. Benefit from low fees, fast order execution, and advanced platform features to increase your profitability. Our platform is designed to protect funds and personal data better. 2FA to ensure account security and prevent any unauthorised access to user’s account.

  • Just like they can connect to my binance wallet… so that when i trade their account take trades also.
  • Users can make use of short, simple, composite, and composite short bots, and set stop loss and take profit targets, as well as customise their own trading strategies.
  • They need to connect their exchange account, search for their signal provider, and set up a new signal bot.
  • 3Commas appears to have solved these problems by producing a trading bot that is both easy to set up and use and also performs reliably when compared to many of its competitors.

The stop loss is programed at 10 percent below the initial price. If BTC’s price drops to $9,000, the bot automatically initiates a sell order. With stop-loss, the user can be protected from wild and unexpected swings in the market. Portfolio trackersStay up to date on the value of your crypto assets https://www.binance.com/en/blog/open-platform/binance-link-partner-spotlight-3commas-421499824684900446 and monitor your profit daily with these cryptocurrency portfolio trackers. If you do opt for a paid-for plan, then you can either pay by PayPal or cryptocurrency. The former can be set-up as a recurring monthly subscription, while the latter needs to be done manually each and every month.

ommas Pros and Cons

This is a section of the 3Commas platform that is not its core business, but rather an add-on feature that is nice to have. It is essentially a Blockfolio within the 3Commas app + a couple of nice additions. Use Trading View alerts to create orders and close positions based on technical indicators like RSI, ULT, TA presets, CQS Scalping etc. You can set up one bot and run it for years without needing to change anything. All in all, GoodCrypto is a mobile-first trading terminal that might be able to cover all of your dynamic trading needs for a fraction of the price of 3Commas.


Our mission is to create a new ecosystem of cryptocurrency investment. Copy transactions of traders from around the world and benefit from their trading. CopyFX – a copy trading investment platform from RoboForex group. Working with the CopyFX platform, you get the opportunity to simplify the trading process itself, more accurately manage your own risks, as well as share your trading experience for additional profit.

A plethora of features to upgrade manual and automated trading like paper trading, automated trading, margin trading, and social trading. Whether you are an individual day trader or a business dealing in crypto trading, or a Telegram admin looking for automation we have solutions for all your crypto trading needs. Perform advanced trading strategies with concurrent orders like Stop-Loss, Take-Profit, Trailing Stop, etc. for the same balance. Connect Trailingcrypto with your preferred signal providers and trade automatically even while you sleep.

ommas Review: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Platform

Sarah has been a big fan of the revolutionary potential of crypto currencies for years and accordingly also concentrated on the areas of IT security and cryptography in her studies. On the other side, https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220922005579/en/CORRECTING-and-REPLACING-Largest-Crypto-Trading-Bot-and-Investment-Platform-3Commas-Raises-37M-in-Series-B-Funding-Round has broader exchange support with 23 exchanges in comparison to 12 exchanges that are supported on Cryptohopper. CryptoTrader.Tax is a great tool, which we reviewed here, automates all of your crypto tax reporting so you don’t have to spend countless hours manually working through all of your trading histories.

Thanks to their mobile apps, you can do all of this while on the move. Even if you wish only to manage your portfolio or do automatic rebalancing, 3Commas is a great solution. This will further shrink the maneuvering space for hackers as, even if they manage to breach the security shields, you can react quickly and kick them out.

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